Today I begin a new life…

Friends, I’m comin’ out bold!  Today I begin a new life!


For too long I have allowed the day to day stress of my life get in the way of me living the extraordinary healthy life I could live. Now I’m on a new mission to change all of that. Watch the video and you will see my bold announcement.


If you find yourself in a similar situation I would love to have you join me on this journey. I’ve put together a schedule and a basic program which I will continue to develop. Of course I will be tracking my progress here as well.


To learn more about the program and join me, visit this page.

Why this site?

Why build this site

I recently shared with a friend my intention of building my new website.  His immediate reaction was “who cares?”   He had a good point.  It led to a great discussion that I thought I should share with you (my faithful readers) as well.   Anytime we start something new we should take at … Read more